We recently sent two of our most passionate team members to experience the southern state of Kentucky. They kindly kept a diary to share with us what they got up to on their adventure to the states! 

Day 1

First stop was to the Kentucky Cooperage where we got to see them making oak barrels which are used in the states of Kentucky and Michigan. We then headed off for the main event ‘The Buffalo Trace Distillery’.

The tour guide David, he was the most passionate person I have ever meet, lived and breathed Buffalo Trace. His father and Grandfather before him worked at the distillery.. After doing a full tour from the building crammed full of hundreds of barrels ageing, watching the bottling of Blanton’s, seeing the river the distillery gets their water from and tasting the corn the use in making bourbon.

We then went on to the tasting of their new Wheatley Vodka, Buffalo Trace’s White dog, WL Weller special reserve, Sazerac 18 year old and Taylor’s. The tasting session was held by Drew the master blender, he has been with Buffalo for the last ten years trying to figure out new ways of making bourbon within the laws of brewing it, from making new warehouses to different levels of ingredients.

That night we dined in a Steak House called Tony’s of Lexington with Drew and some of the other hosts and reps. After a couple Pinot Noir’s, we headed down to the Bluegrass Tavern, where they didn’t sell any other spirit other than bourbon over 400 different bottles across the back bar.

Day 3

Time for some fun…. the Kentucky derby followed by New York city for a night in the big apple.

10.30 suited and booted on the couch and off to the races, checked in at Keenland Race Course and then had a guide show us around the grounds from where the Queen had come to watch the races in the 90’s to where the jockeys where weighed and sent to collect the horses. We saw the show case grounds where the trainers would walk the horses to you could see them up close before placing any bets. We then were shown the 4th floor where there was unlimited food and drink, my new favourite cocktail the Buffalo Bow Tie, and with a few lucky bets all in all an amazing day!

It was then a quick dash to the airport and off to New York City.

Landed and straight to the hotel in low Manhattan to freshen up and then of for some worldwide known pizza at Lombardi’s Coal Oven Pizza, it was one of the best pizza’s I have ever had. Here we meet up with the founder Jan and his master distiller of Brooklyn Gin. They both sat down with us for pizza and after what amazed me was when we were leaving he asked all the left-over pizza to be boxed and the next bar we went to he gave the bar team all the pizza in a thank you gesture for having all 25 of us in for some G+T’s. 

After a couple of rounds in Mother’s Ruin Jan then took us on to some more cool bars, Milano’s bar, Lucky Jack’s where were also some games to play by far the best one was table shuffleboard, we ended up playing this for hours. A couple coffee based cocktails and on to the next place which was the Suffolk’s Arms for some frozen grasshoppers served on planks of wood and with metal straws.

We then made our way to Goodnight sonny’s for some more beverages before we set on hour way to see what Times Square looked like at night and not full of thousands of people.

Day 4

The last day.. bagels for breakfast then off on a river cruise to see the sights of New York. Sun was shining and the views were incredible!! Quick stop off at Dante’s for a world renowned cocktail or two, then back to the hotel to check out. 



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